Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Life offers us a staggering amount of choices; from something as simple as picking what to eat for breakfast to choosing what to do for the rest of your natural life. It's a convoluted mess of ill-informed turns and steep nooks. Like a small drop in the vast ocean, you'll never see the ripples coming from afar with the possibilities offered to you today. 

Unfortunately, we humans are limited in our foresight, but shallow as they are, it is still often bitter struggle in deliberating options which might have long term effects on our lives. Countless what if's threatened to envelop us with any given choice and it all comes down to this; Is it the best discourse available to me? What if I do it this way instead? It is a conundrum with paradoxical implications; we might end up asking these questions in an infinite loop like a badly programmed feedback loop, in danger of overloading ourselves. 

The choices we made make up the molten crucible hardened from years of hardships and generally stumbling blindly. The fiery liquefied metal, once hardened, becomes an unbreakable foundation for the next pouring, and the next and so on so forth. Therefore, we're molded by our own hands into who we are today. Whatever choice we made, be better wise or foolish, we are bound by our own hands to stand by them; leaning on the tempered metal to support our future choices - be it the next grand adventure or whatever trivial pursuits we devote our time to.

You've made that choice. Time to make the next.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Stacks of sun-scorched whitewashed rocks extend outwards, to the endless blue. Wearing a pair of sandals with overly smooth soles, he proceeded cautiously, one small precarious step at a time. The sun hung high, a fiery orb of heat and light tacked unto a canvas of azure with wispy ribbons of white. A black bulky DSLR slung around his shoulders, he continued his efforts with zealous conviction, slowly approaching the edge where the rocks abruptly end.

The entire expanse of the sky melds unto the ocean flawlessly, and the horizon serves to wed the two in an amalgamation of perfection. Amidst the rhythmic beating of the gentle waves hitting the shoreline and the occasional seagulls cawing, he snapped a photograph; a snapshot of a moment frozen and unmarred by time.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017


What am I even doing here? I have absolutely no idea.

It's like what they say these days - I don't even.

Quickly, act like your teen angst's in remission.

Cue sighs.

Monday, January 2, 2017


Once, I thought it would be easy; the minute I finished school, I would be employed and start my adult life as a contributing self-sufficient and responsible member of society.

Now, I'm less optimistic with each passing day; do I hold onto my dwindling aspirations? Endeavors without beginnings are not what dreams are made of.

I must carry on, wayward or otherwise. In the meanwhile, I would commit to self improvement; certain aspects of my life is a mess at the moment, and I seek to remedy exactly that.

How? I'll ride this new year feel-good wave and find out.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


I have convinced myself that I could accomplish great things, feeding into my delusions of grandeur. It is becoming increasingly apparent that I am lying. To myself, at the very least.

This road started out in earnest, hopeful but stupidly optimistic. My own inflated expectations trapping me, in a viscous bubble of depravity.

I hold myself hostage, akin to victims of the infamous Stockholm Syndrome, telling myself that I am worth more than this, without knowing what does 'this' actually refers to.

These irrational sentiments are further reinforced with every step I failed to take; tendrils of unseen chains pulling me down, into depths of dissonance.

I keep telling myself with increasing conviction that I'd deserve better but the fact remains, I am nobody;  nobody owes me anything.

The main takeaway? A quarter of cent, and nothing to show for it. Where is the line when you begin to question your sanity?

New year new nobody me. Heh.